I drove to Crane Prairie Reservoir, South Twin Lake, and Wickiup Reservoir.

Crane Prairie Reservoir The road into Crane is not bad, with snow and ice here and there. The parking lot is about half covered with snow, which is not bad compared to last year, and the turn before you go to the launch ramp is pretty deep snow. They’ll probably have to plow that if it doesn’t melt in the next two weeks.

There is no snow on the launch ramps and no docks in the water yet. The lake is beautiful, and I wanted to go home and get my boat.

I don’t see why this lake can’t open on April 22nd. Wickiup reservoir is Full, Full, Full. Too bad it’s not full of Kokanee. The unimproved or primitive launch ramp across from South Twin Lake has a log jam on it; you could launch a small boat at that ramp, but nothing of any size. The main launch ramp is in good shape.

No docks are in the water, but people are straightening the campgrounds, preparing them for the camping season. The launch ramp on the other side of the dam has plenty of water to launch, but some big holes in that launch ramp are under the water right now.

If you plan to fish that lake, I would stick to the main launch ramp.

Paulina Lake: The main road to the lake is being plowed. The gate will remain closed until May 14th, and the lodge will open on May 15th.

I’m not sure about the state launch ramps. Last year, the ramps didn’t open until the middle of June because they needed to clean up the campsites. South Twin is fishing now. It is open year-round. I talked with a couple of Fly fishermen, and they said fishing is good.

If I were fishing any lake around Central Oregon, it would be Odell. There are plenty of fish, and everything should be open.