We started fishing the Crooked River arm. The water was really dirty. If you get up into the Deschutes, the water is cleaner. The kokanee bite was okay, not great, but then there were a lot more boats- the most boats I’ve seen in the last couple of months. If you want to catch Kokanee, get there early. It seemed to shut off early. 

The bull trout bite was decent for Bull when we started fishing. The Deschutes arm fish were 55-75′ deep fishing with flat fish, and AC Plugs even tried herring trolled kind of slow; 1.4up to 2.4 mph speed wasn’t an issue. Slow -fast, it didn’t matter, just a matter of getting in front of them. The fish size ranged from about 18″ up to a good size 29″ beauty. We ended up boating five Bull trout and lost three at the boat.

 It was a long day; we fished from 7:00 – 3:00. Some days, you have to cover some water to catch fish. Made it back to Sunriver by 5:00