Another fun-filled, action-packed day on Odell, a Beautiful Day on the water, a slight breeze, mild temperatures, water in the mid-40s, and about 50+ boats on the water, sometimes quite close and cozy. It was a nice day to fish at the start of this year’s Mackinaw Derby. We went there to catch the new state record, Mackinaw. That didn’t happen. But we hooked one but lost it on a Yakima Baits 3” – Silver Blue Scale Spin -N -fish. We did put one in the boat on a Blue Flatfish. This was a strange catch. A nice gentleman was trolling off to the right of us a good 75 yards ahead of us and decided to make a nice sharp left turn in front of us. Thinking swiftly, I slowed down for him to get across the front of us. He was long-lining, really long, long-lining. He should have been clear of us, thought he was, my kokanee rod starts to get hit tried to pop it loose from the downrigger couldn’t get it to release so an I began to pull up the downrigger and friend on the rod kept saying there’s a fish on here I said no you’re just tangled on the release as it got closer to the surface there is a very nice Mackinaw hooked on my downrigger ball, I netted the fish held it up to the nice gentleman that cut across my bow and said is this yours? He pulled up next to us, a super nice guy. I handed him his fish, and he promptly got it back in the water. We cut his gear loose from the downrigger and gave him back his Blue Flatfish. He was very apologetic. We ended up catching 23 nice kokanee on Lured full Throttle Bugs, which is what we started with worked great until the bite began to slow around 9:00 am. Lot more people on the water at this time we switched to 7″ Dodgers, and a bigger spinner with short leaders 8″ and started catching again we were fishing from 45-70′ ft deep with short setbacks we finished up with 23 at 11:00 couldn’t ask for a more excellent day . 

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