Another fun-filled Kokanee Fishing experience at Paulina Lake spent the first couple of hours Fishing for the new state record Brown Trout. That didn’t happen, but I did anchor my boat with my downrigger bottom came up quickly, and the downrigger weight got stuck in some rocks. I thought for sure that the 250lb braided line would snap, and nope, Damn, near pulled the downrigger off the boat. I pulled the line releases on the downrigger and spun the boat around, got right on top of the weight, and it came right up. I have to love those stick weights. I probably would have lost it if it had been any other type of downrigger weight. After that ordeal, I went kokanee fishing. I was given some Kokanee tackle to try by Randy and Dave Bales of Lured Tackle Company; these are from the Lured Kokanee line. I put on the Pink Haze 5.5 Dodger, the #9 Blue Balls Full Throttle Bug on one rod, and the #2 Bloody Decks Full Throttle Bug on the other. The blue bug outfished the Orange bug. I caught eight out of the ten fish limit on the Blue Bug. I’ve never used this mysis shrimp/ Bug Style lure before, but I was impressed it works very well. As for the Dodger made by Lured, this is the perfect  Dodger for long long-lineing. It’s an excellent Heavy Dodger. You could use it with or without a weight. It will probably drag behind the boat at about 5 feet down with no weight. A standard thin Dodger would end up on the surface with no weight, but this one won’t. I will have to purchase more of the Full Throttle Bugs. They catch fish!!